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INTERGALACTIC MASQUERADE Advance Sales for Oriental Theater Fundraiser
THE ORIENTAL THEATRE, 4335 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212
Denver, CO
 • THE ORIENTAL THEATRE, 4335 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212 • Denver, CO

Itchy-O is proud to announce pre-sales to their (once canceled d/t Covid-19 restriction) INTERGALACTIC MASQUERADE to benefit the Oriental Theater; specific dates to be announced as soon as finalized in 2021. 

Proceeds from the service-free sales will benefit the historic Denver theater which has played host to SO MANY itchy-O performances over the years. They’ve raised $32,000 as a part of the “Friends of the O” fundraising effort to help keep the light on. And as they’re an integral part of the Colorado music community, we’re putting our collective cosmic shoulders into the lift to get them to their goal of $50,000. 

Other regional heavyweights raising funds for the venue as part of the campaign include Flobots, Teenage Bottlerocket and Eldren. 

The INTERGALACTIC MASQUERADE, will be rescheduled from August 2020 and is poised as a triumphant emergence after a long run of stymied events related to the nasty bug that upended a year – but not our collective spirit.

The show will continue itchy-O’s longstanding costume-contest tradition, as attendees are invited to festoon themselves in whatever spectral attire their universes’ may dictate. Carnivale de Sensuale will and DJ Strange Powers are set to provide accompaniment for the fête.

The runaway success of August’s SYPHERLOT: DRIVE-IN RADIO BATH and the annual HALLOWMASS vehicular offertory laid waste to previous notions of underwhelming drive-in concerts to usher in a spectacular immersive sonic bath of post-apocalyptic unifying magik. And as a beacon of hope on the event horizon, 2021’s INTERGALACTIC MASQUERADE will be the coming-out party to end all coming-out parties!

Pick up tickets now to support Denver’s music scene at a time it’s needed most. Then join us for a raucous and ribaldrous otherworldly rendezvous to christen the next age!


OCT 30, 31 & NOV 6, 7
1300 40th Street
Denver, CO
 • 1300 40th Street • Denver, CO

Fresh off wildly successful performances earlier this summer, 57-member itchy-O brings its enveloping hellfire performance to 1300 40th Street in the Cole neighborhood for an enveloping concert series unlike any other, brought to you by Sol Tribe Tattoo, Ritualcravt and Ratio Beerworks.

This year’s HALLOWMASS PERFORMANCE + OFFERTORY runs for two weekends beginning Oct. 30, fusing pyrotechnic, high voltage, and percussive bombast with short-band private radio broadcast and other interactive elements, ensuring each vehicle has an individual-yet-connected sonic experience.

Entering its sixth annual installment, HALLOWMASS has quickly become among the holiest of traditions among the itchy-O faithful, inviting the audience to take part in a sacramental shrine-building process. Now, more than ever, in a year that continues to deliver blow after blow, the bell tolls for thousands of reasons to pay homage to things that once were – and the unstoppable itchy-O will rise to send skyward in a ceremony of sound and flame.

Attendees are encouraged to bring artifacts that represent persons, places, or things that have passed through their lives leaving any degree of impact to adorn an altar-shrine erected and tended to by Denver’s ceremonial inkslingers, Sol Tribe Tattoo. These items will then be respectfully burned in a public After-Ceremony (location and timing TBA).


Sypherlot: Drive In Radio Bath
Aug 14 - 29
Denver, CO

In the wake of pandemic-delayed performances, the time is right to launch a cosmogenic conflagration, laying waste to previous notions of concerts in “the new normal” by ushering in a joyful sonic bath of post-apocalyptic unifying magic.

And as in typical itchy-O tradition, expect as hands-on an experience as otherworldly possible in this meta-drive-in: Think Lion Country Safari meets Thunderdome, with interstellar performers interacting with vehicles to turn each car into a dancefloor, all while adhering to CDC-recommended public-health guidelines.

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •