Long thought lost, itchy-O’s conscriptions reveal a strange interdimensional lore when played through a high-fidelity home stereo system. Stay connected for future artifacts as they are unearthed.

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •



Reopen the portals of escapism and exaltation with this evidentiary double live album out on Alternative Tentacles.


Set in an expansive parking lot at Denver’s Mission Ballroom, SYPHERLOT exploded to life during a time when any/all live music had been sequestered to digital platforms. Itchy-O blew collective minds and blanketed attendees in a cloak of fire, noise, and rhythm, eviscerating old (and new) ideas of entertainment, rewriting the book on what could be achieved at a socially distanced drive-in performance.


This series of spectacle and offertory shook the now-demolished New Tech Machinery building to its foundation during this most hallowed time of year. As the group’s tradition entered its seventh year, artifacts, momentos, and representations were collected on trays from attendee vehicles and later burned in an after-ceremony to honor impermanence and the loss felt so heavily in 2020.

This album is a documented record of those moments, a snapshot of the resulting sacraments ushering in a rapturous sonic bath of transcendental unifying magic, etched now and forever in very polyvinyl chloride, and simulated digitally to download.

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Mystic Spy | Psykho Dojo

With 26 musicians and well over 100 tracks on many of the songs, the self-described “savagely sophisticated” experimental orchestra has completely outdone themselves. Along with the seven tracks on the record there are seven 32 second short vignettes that all end in lock-grooves on either side of the vinyl. And as if this is not enough, they have also released, along side of the vinyl, a zine publication titled Idra & Scepter. Once you have figured out the puzzle inside this zine, you can log in to an interactive site that allows you to not only listen to the digital version of the lock-grooves but also layer, record, and download your own versions. – METTLE STUDIOS

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From The Overflowing

“From the Overflowing” is the follow-up album to the full-length debut “Burn The Navigator” which was released by Alternative Tentacles in 2014. This new release is charged with the same sonic fury of their live shows delivered by a driving drum corps battery and taiko drummers alongside Spaghetti Western guitar licks, snake-charming bass lines, and a rich arsenal of dark electronics including synthesizers, theremin, and vocoders. Itchy-O completely engulfs and immerses its audience from every angle in a pounding electric bog of music and ephemera. While these itchy-O events are legendary, this well-produced record stands on its own and is sure to be a mind-bending auditory voyage of experimental splendor. – ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES

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Itchy-O; Burn the Navigator Download
Burn The Navigator
This throbbing 32-piece band of masked chaos invites you to immerse yourself from every angle in an electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle with their debut LP “Burn The Navigator.” Itchy-O provides the soundtrack to the end times, grand apocalyptic party that invites you to leave your world behind and dares you to let go of all expectations. From ex-members of Crash Worship and Extra Action Marching Band! – ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
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