Sono Chapel

Sono Chapel is a multi-sensory, interactive sound, light and projection mapping installation that explores the role of frequency as a tool for connection to self, other and the universe. Participants unlock access to the “music of the spheres” through participatory exploration activated by sound, object, symbology and spirit.

Integrating existing spacial sound technology, experimental music, isochronic tones and neuro-sonic research to unlock projection mapped visual rewards, itchy-O’s Sono Chapel invites participants to take part in composing their own experiments in sound and music inside of this mystical world of new uncovered perceptions.

Stepping into itchy-O’s Sono Chapel, patrons are ushered into a mysterious realm of light and sound. Participants manipulate and physically push large-scale 3-D sculptures that represent symbolic talismans, which respond sonically and visually, both individually and in conjunction with other artifacts found throughout the space. The result is a multisensory, polyphonic immersion that uses tactile objects, movement, light and sound.

The large scale interactive talismen, placed throughout the room, are cast foam durable coated pods with weighted rounded bottoms. Participants move the pods throughout the space to unlock mysteries of the universe through interdependent frequencies.


Sono Chapel will leverage sound art, scientific research and mixed reality technology in unprecedented ways. Sono Chapel marries science with spirituality, physicality with frequency, individual agency with interdependence and archetypal symbology with futurism in a multi-media forum. The installation provides a contemplative and empowering space for new sonic and visual communication between individuals utilizing cutting-edge tools to navigate a shared longing to access a deeper resonance with self, other and the universe.



The floorplan is a dimly lit room that contains a septagram (7-pointed star) embedded into the floor. The septagram itself lights up with RGB LEDs, according to an open-ended narrative.

(Front wall cutaway, for easier viewing of the interior of the chapel)


Each pod is charged using wireless charging coils located around the points of a septagram. Electronics in the pods allow the position of the pods to be sensed in the room.

The audio is processed by a QSC Q-Sys system to provide 2-D sound localization of many interactive sound elements.

Within the room are seven “Idaeic Pods,” highlighted in red, below.

Close-up of two of the pods:


● Cast foam with a durable coating on the outside

● Tall pods have weighted rounded bottoms so they always stand upright

● All pods are clearly recognizable as “moveable” by visitors

● Each Idaeic pod has at least one rune on it

● Each rune has an LED backlight

● Color and brightness of the backlight changes with the room’s interactive narrative

● Each pod is charged using wireless charging coils

● Coils are in the pods themselves, and seven coils are embedded in the floor (not shown)

● Coils in the floor are located around the points of the septagram

● Pods will run for 2 days without a charge and the narrative of the room will encourage
visitors to unknowingly place the pods on the charging coils

● Electronics in the pods allow the position of the pods to be sensed in the room.

● Information is used to enhance the interactive experience and also for maintenance and
administration of the system


Mounted near or in the ceiling are eight speakers, highlighted below in red. The audio is
processed by a QSC Q-Sys system to provide 2-D sound localization of many interactive sound
elements. An example of this 2-D localization can be seen in this quick video:


In yellow are five video projectors. One projects graphics onto the floor, while the others project
images on the walls. Different exhibit spaces can be easily accommodated by changing the
position and quantity of speakers and projectors.

Rack-mounted audio processor, amplifiers, and PC (not shown) will be located in adjacent electrical room. In the event that an electrical room is not available, the equipment would be located in a properly camouflaged rack within the exhibit room.

Projection netting (not shown), in conjunction with the video projectors, is used to make images and iconography appear to float in the room.


Lighting for Sono Chapel is mostly dark, mysterious, and simple.

Mounted to the ceiling throughout the room are four to eight RGB PAR lights similar to house theatre lighting.

99% of the time, these lights would be set to a steady blue or purple color with just enough brightness to not be a safety issue. The other 1% of the time the lights will activate in a frenzy when the puzzle is unlocked in addition to Idaeic Pods, and embedded septagram.

Monitoring, Maintenance, and Emergencies

The system that runs this exhibit is very intelligent, and can do a variety of things that are invisible to an exhibit patron but critical for the staff running the exhibit.

The Idaeic Pods
● Have embedded electronics and Lithium-Ion batteries that are charged wirelessly with supercapacitors that charge faster and do not degrade over time

● Supercapacitors also will not burst into flames

● Supercapacitors will take 2 days to fully discharge, however the pods should get recharged several times a day just from normal use

● Charge level and physical position of the pods are continuously transmitted to the master control computer

● 5-inch Touch-Screen based control panel can be mounted on a wall in a staff-only area for other control and monitoring duties

System's Various Maintenance Modes

● Cleaning mode would shut off any audio and turn on the lights to full brightness
● System Check mode would provide a way to test all of the lights, speakers, and other aspects of the system
● System can interface to the building fire and security system. The system can also use a basic microphone to listen for noises when the exhibit should be closed, and signal the building security system that there is an intruder.

● System uses a form of Bluetooth tracking and triangulation to detect the positions of the Idaeic Pods. This same technology can also track phones (as long as Bluetooth is turned on). While we cannot (and should not) use this for nefarious uses, we can gather rough statistics like: Number of people that visit the exhibit, how long the average person spends in the exhibit, and the maximum number of people in the exhibit at one time. As the exhibit evolves, these metrics can be used to gauge the success of any changes made.

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •


Lock Grooves Site (2018)

*all caps*

Log in to an interactive site that allows you to not only listen to the digital version of the lock-grooves from the Mystic Spy Psykho Dojo Album but also layer, record, and download your own versions. This site features examples of found sound design and user control to co-create their own soundscapes. Click on the symbols to create your own sound art composition.