Public Benefit


Behold: Our Commitment To The Colorado Creative Community:

✶ Increasing access to performing arts by providing high-quality live and pre-recorded performances and compositions for the public.

✶ Providing free public community-building events annually.

✶ Leveraging our platform to elevate emerging musicians in Colorado, particularly from traditionally underrepresented groups, and supporting their career advancement.

✶ Supporting the next generation of artists as ambassadors, collaborators and contributors to the Colorado nonprofit music ecosystem.

✶ Forging and maintaining relationships with many small businesses that fuel our creative community like Off the Bottle Refill Shop, Ritualcravt, Twist & Shout Records, City, O’ City, and arts organizations like Denver Film, Youth on Record, Sonic Guild Colorado, Deep Space Drive In… and so many more – to facilitate the advancement of our shared purposes, missions, and values.