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Kirsten Vermulen at is itchy-O’s primary contact for marketing/publicity

In all formats, “itchy-O” should be stylized to be spelled with a lower-cased “i” unless the first letter of a sentence. Examples:

“This show will include itchy-O.”

“Itchy-O will be included on this bill.”

Itchy-O has not worked under the “marching band” moniker in over seven years and has been making all efforts to move away from this label. Please refrain from listing itchy-O as a marching band or a “flash-mob.” 



Logo assets

Approved live images

(please credit photographers whenever possible)

Promotional Video





Please reach out to local press, publications, blogs and radio stations to involve them in promoting the show. Itchy-O will work in conjunction to support all promotional efforts as possible.

All radio promotional proposals must be submitted for review and approval before any contesting begins on-air. No presents of any kind (radio, sponsor, or otherwise) may be given without written approval. No meet & greets or “grand prizing” may be promised.

All interview and photo pass requests from radio, print media, and digital outlets should be directed to



Itchy-O is not completely anonymous. We credit crew and performers in published works but stay anonymous in social, radio, and editorial media.



Thanks for capturing the photogenic monstrosity that is itchy-O! 

In order to ensure everything runs as smoothly and enjoyably for everyone involved, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following guidelines and parameters before arriving at the performance.

Absolutely no filming itchy-O artists out of uniform/costume

Keep all cameras out of all backstage areas at all times 

No attempts to interview any performers or crew – please arrange all interview requests with publicist ahead of time

No filming soundcheck, load-in, or load out

Keep a minimum of 5ft distance from any performers

No access or shooting on or from stages, risers, or platforms 

Absolutely NO flash or auxiliary lighting


Any rework or edits to pre-show assets need to be approved by itchy-O before being made public.

Please work with contacts to determine post-show asset delivery, usage rights, etc.; non-watermarked photos/videos are preferred. Any images approved for subsequent usage will include attribution.