1. hoop
  2. homosytolic murmur
  3. overfilled ventricle
  4. mitral insufficiency
  5. lunaric click
  6. valve area III
  7. pulmonic_thine
  8. systolic humm
  9. tetragramalon

The dark ambient solo album Pulmonic that sparked the birth of ITCHY-O in 2003.

All of the experimental tracks were built and layered with animal heart noises found on vinyl by the founder of ITCHY-O at a thrift store in Denver, Colorado. Soon after more recordings were made with other collaborating artists in Denver until it blossomed into the ITCHY-O Marching Band in 2009 with over 20 members. Then after realizing ITCHY-O was hardly any sort of marching band it shook the monicker and now goes by just ITCHY-O with now over 50 members.

This record was just recently rediscovered as an important piece of ITCHY-O history and re-released on Mettle Studios. With deep dark textures and natural heart rhythms, it is easy to hear what this album has eventually led to and the collective is excited to introduce new fans to its experimental beginnings.

Thank you for supporting this ever-evolving temple of artistic entropy. Your contributions make this all possible.

Listen to hoop: