Please take moment to fill these surveys out to help us advance our collective creative impact. If we don’t know about problems we can’t take care of them. This certainly does not mean you HAVE to find something wrong with the events, equipment, personnel, or processes but if you encountered something you think needs to be fixed and our attention we definitely want to know.

If your input here is sensitive please consider using the SBAR form or scheduling some office time with leadership.

We also think it’s equally as important to recognize what we are doing right and remind ourselves collectively why we do this.

Please know that this input does make its way into planning meetings, discussions, and decisions.

We’ve also added a button to our Trello To-Do list in case you have simple a “Nuts-And-Bots” thing to add to your teams list/card. Please remember to WATCH and add yourself as a member to the card.


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