A throbbing 50-piece collective of masked chaos invites you to dissolve the performer/audience divide and melt into the bedlam, that is the disorienting power of itchy-O.

itchy-O is a Denver-based percussion-centered electronic performance band. itchy-O brings a sophisticatedly savage sound and the sheer ecstasy of instruments untethered and running free. With a driving drum corps battery, Taiko drummers, an arsenal of electronics including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, and many other special devices, the IOMB completely engulfs and immerses an audience from every angle in a pounding electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle. The masked and hive-minded IOMB is waging war on predictable mediocrity with their blind-siding-style performances which feature an artfully hazardous Chinese lion, a troupe of sensuous dancing provocateurs, fog, strobes, sequins, sweat and fury.



Itchy-O aspires to create transcendent spiritual experiences with performances that confound the senses and disorient perceptions of place, time, order, reason and categorical identity. We invite our audiences to embrace mystery and join us in passing between knowing, unknowing, self and other.


Bryan Aquino ∇ Snare
Sara Miller ∇ Timbales
Jesse Dickens ∇ Quint Tenors
Sean O’Malley ∇ Quint Tenors
Joe Hatfield ∇ Quad Tenors
Scott Banning ∇ Roto-Toms
Stephen Daniel Karpik ∇ Bass Drum
Nick Lloyd ∇ Bass Drum
Carlo Campagna ∇ Cymbals
Ethan Klein ∇ Cymbals
Alicia Cardenas ∇ Cymbals
Robert Drew Burleson ∇ Cymbals

Kirsten Vermulen ∇ Synthesizer/Vocoder
David Britton ∇ Synthesizer/Vocoder
Roger Liu ∇ Electric Guitar
Russell Cochrane ∇ Bass Guitar
John Gross ∇ Vocoder
Skyler Heck ∇ Samples
Justin Hicks ∇ SAMPLES
Aaron Spriggs ∇ Theremin
Pamela Webb ∇ Taiko
Sarah Anderson ∇ Taiko
Matthew Steitle ∇ Taiko
Thomas Knight ∇ Taiko

Joanne M.W. Liu ∇ Chinese Lion Dancer
Megs Burd ∇ Chinese Lion Dancer
Jen GaNun ∇ Chinese Lion Dancer
Allison Marcellus ∇ Chinese Lion Dancer
Steven Call ∇ Polyphonic
Andrew Linares ∇ Chaos Tech
Mark Moffett ∇ Chaos Tech
Rex Blatter ∇ Chaos Tech
Jackson Ellis ∇ Chaos Tech

Sara Valentine ∇ Creep Unit
Jenny Smalling ∇ Creep Unit
Rachel Qualliotine ∇ Creep Unit
Sarah Harman ∇ Creep Unit
Jiah Shin ∇ Creep Unit
Evelyn Fugate ∇ Creep Unit
Rae Luan ∇ Creep Unit
Vija Rogozina ∇ Creep Unit
Mariah Becerra ∇ Special Effects
Brad Smalling ∇ Live Audio Engineer
Travis Volz ∇ PR