“…After “Burning Down the House,” everyone left stage for a minute or a few but came back to perform “Road to Nowhere” and as that song segued out, David Byrne said, “And now from Denver, Colorado, Itchy-O.” That’s when the marching band began, having already walked on stage behind Byrne, Clark and company to cries of “Who is that?” and “What is this?” and the like. All masks and purple and gold and black uniforms with some members in sombreros and others with cowls and various other head coverings, Itchy-O must have seemed like something out of a dream to the uninitiated.

Even with the thirty-odd people on stage, having joined the expansive David Byrne and St. Vincent line-up in a bit of an overlap at the end of “Road to Nowhere,” there was a grace and otherworldliness to Itchy-O’s songs mostly intensely percussive and partly hauntingly electronic micro-melodies. Probably more than half of this audience did not even know who Itchy-O was, and for those that did, it was a nice and completely unexpected surprise to close out the night with two of its own compositions.”

David Byrne, St. Vincent, itchy-O Westword Review, by Tom Murphy