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Denver’s itchy-O consists of 23 professional musicians across an array of percussion, electronic and traditional world/rock/stringed instruments. This includes a driving drum-corps battery, taiko drummers, a custom made gamelan and an arsenal of sonic tools, from theremin to synthesizers, vocoders, and custom-built waveform equipment. 

The resulting “interdimensional orchestra” is now available for bespoke compositions. 

Itchy-O also works with Colorado-based Mighty Fine Productions and Dolby Atmos equipped Evergroove Studio to track all percussion and mix/master, respectively, to provide a full-suite of production services available in a business-friendly environment. 

The collective is known for their pyrotechnic and interactive audience-engaging theatrical productions, but at its foundation is a commitment to constructing dynamic atmospheric soundscapes and dynamic musical compositions that engulf and provoke audiences, regardless of venue or medium.

Itchy-O works non-exclusively with Colorwheel Music and owns the rights to all of it’s published material with two of three records licensed, un-exclusively, with it’s label Alternative Tentacles. All tracks on Mystic Spy | Psykho Dojo are owned exclusively by itchy-O LLC. Stems for all albums, with exclusion to Burn the Navigator, are available for editing and remixing.


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Studios and Pros itchy-O has working relationships with

Michael Patterson – Scoring Mixer / Grammy Nominated Record Producer 

David Kessner – Grammy Award Winning Projects Engineer

Brad Smalling – Audio Engineer – Evergroove Owner

Colin Bricker – Audio Engineer – Mighty Fine Owner

Xandy Whitesel – Audio Engineer Mighty Fine

Equipment / Instruments 

One Custom Made O-Hira Daiko (Big Drum), including floor stand and upright stand 42″ diameter head, 24″ deep body

One Custom Made O-Hira Daiko, including custom steel stand with vertical-horizontal drum positioning 

Ten 20″x24″ Nagado-Daiko, including both floor stands and slanted stands

Three 18”x22” Nagado-Daiko, including floor stands

20″x9″ Custom Made Hira-Daiko (Flat Body Drum)

18″x20″ Custom Made Katsugi-Okedo, including stand

Two 15”x18” Katsugi-Okedo

16″x9″ Shime-Daiko

Two 14″x6″ Shime-Daiko

12″x22″ Naga-nagado-Daiko (Extra long body drum)

One Rosewood Concert Dhol, straight barrel shape

One Professional Bhanga Dhol, rounded barrel shape

Uchiwa-Daiko (Fan Drum) 24cm

Uchiwa-Daiko (Fan Drum) 27cm

Uchiwa-Daiko (Fan Drum) 30cm

Tettou (Metal instrument – also called cannon)

Chappa (Hand Cymbals) 2 sizes

Atarigane or Chanchiki (Bell)

22” wind gong

20” wind gong

Balinese Cremation Gamelan

2 Gamelan gongs, Chinese Cymbals, and various bells from SE Asia

Horagai (blowing conch) 

Som-Saptalahn (Custom Gamelan cast in itchy-O’s custom scale)

Hanging gongs

60” Big Boss Gong

26” Nipple Gong

22” Gong

18” Nipple Gong

18” Wind Gong

8” Nipple Gong

7” Nipple Gong

Seven Cradled Gongs

Metallophone (7 bar low)

 Metallophone (7 bar mid)

Metallophone (14 bar high)

18” 16” 10” 6” Roto Toms

Quint Tenors 

Quad Tenors

Vintage Ludwig stainless marching snare 13”

Timbalitos (pair)

Ludwig Timbalitos 12” and 10”

LP Timbales 14” and 13”

116 Year Old Buscher Marching Pipe Bass Drum – 28”

30” Slingerland Stainless bass drum


Concert Bass Drums

Six pairs Stadium Marching Cymbals 20”

Korg Microsampler X5

SP-404 Boss Sampler X2

Two Moog Thereminis

Warp Factory; Multi-Effects Processor, X3 Vocoders

VE-5000 Vocoder; Vocal Effects Processor

M-32  Console

Mesa Boogie X4 10” Bass Stack (previously owned by Metallica)

Mesa Boogie Guitar Stack

Baritone Ibanez 6 string electric

Upright bass


Schecter Stiletto Stealth 5 Bass Guitar

Roland SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler 

Line 6 DL4 Delay and MM4 Ring Mod

Korg Minilogue

Circuit-bent Yamaha PSS-140 FM synth

Xynthi Supercollider interface

Fender 6-string strat

Modulation effects:

Alesis Ampliton tremolo

Alesis Phalng flanger

Alesis Faze phaser

Whammy pitch bend

Line 6 Echo Park delay

EHX Cathedral reverb

Klark-Technic DN 410 EQ

HHB Tube Compressor