OCT 30, 31 & NOV 6, 7
1300 40th Street
Denver, CO
• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •


  • AGES: All Ages (Attendees younger than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.)

  • All CDC guidelines will be complied with and followed explicitly

  • No more than 5 persons allowed in any vehicle

  • Cars will be parked at their minimum distance in accordance with Colorado's safety recommendations

  • Guests are required to REMAIN IN THEIR VEHICLES AT ALL TIMES with the exception of using the restroom

  • Tickets will be purchased online ONLY for CONTACTLESS EXCHANGE

  • No refunds will be issued (unless event is cancelled) - no re-entry and all sales are final

  • Sound will be transmitted through an FM radio station and follow FCC guidelines along with itchy-O’s mobile 12v sound system(s)

  • FM radio station identification will be given at entry to parking / venue

  • Restrooms and hand washing stations are to be used for emergencies only during the show while maintaining social distancing


This is an immersive event that will incorporate vehicles. A ticket purchased gives itchy-O permission to play with vehicles.

“Playing” with vehicles could include:

  • itchy-O characters touching vehicles

  • Small persons crawling/laying on hoods

  • Various none invasive devices attached to vehicles

  • The gentle rocking of shocks

  • Nothing more invasive than a drive-in carwash

  • Neither Westfield, Denver Film, or itchy-O will be held liable for any damages

  • This is an "Enter At Your Own Risk" Event


  • If you are sick, have any associated symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home until you are healthy and follow recommendations made by local and state officials

  • Per contact tracing standards, NO TICKETS WILL BE TRANSFERABLE. THE TICKET HOLDER’S ID MUST MATCH NAME ON THE TICKET.  No Exceptions, All Others will be denied entry…

  • Your group’s driver does not need to purchase the ticket. Anyone that will be in the vehicle can purchase your group’s ticket as there will only be 1 ticket per car.

  • Please be ready to provide us with your license plate, make, and model of your car.

  • Only attendees within vehicles are allowed to attend this event.

  • No refund requests, transfers, or exceptions will be granted (unless the event is canceled outright).

  • There are a limited number of vehicle passes available for this concert, so act fast!

  • There is a maximum of 5 people per car for all vehicles per city mandated Covid-19 guidelines (please keep yourself and your household group safe).

  • No tailgaiting.

  • No watching the show from truckbeds.

  • We encourage carpooling ONLY with people in your immediate quarantine circle.

  • NO WANDERING/LOITERING of any kind. We ask you to leave your car ONLY to use the restroom. Please help us keep everyone safe and healthy.

  • Entry to the venue will be cut off 15 minutes before each set. No late entry will be permitted under ANY circumstance.

  • All audio will be streamed via FM transmitter. Please make sure to arrive with a working FM radio in your vehicle or you will not be able to listen to the show.

  • Absolutely no alcohol and/or illegal substances will be permitted at the event or inside your vehicle and violators will be held accountable and prosecuted by state and federal law.

  • We require that you follow the current CDC guidelines in your state during this time. That means bring a mask, gloves, sanitizer.

  • Absolutely no standing outside of the venue and gatherings outside of the venue will not be allowed and will be enforced by security. 

  • Drivers caught concealing other persons in their vehicle will be turned away or asked to leave without a refund. All vehicles subject to search.

  • Absolutely no illicit goods, no fireworks, weapons or guns, knives or laser pointers are allowed.

  • Tickets can be purchased online only, there will be no box office onsite. Please head to the ticketing page to purchase tickets.

  • We prohibit certain vehicles which includes but is not limited to motorcycles, ATV’s, busses, campers, Uhalls, RV’s, mobile homes, scooters, bicycles, tricycle, go-karts, or semi-trucks.

  • Purchasing a ticket automatically agrees not to hold itchy-O, any staff, or organization associated with the event liable for any damages incurred by interactivity or “play.”

  • Drained vehicle batteries Staff will have battery chargers on hand in the event anyone’s battery dies and needs jumped

  • Searched vehicles upon entry A ticket purchased gives permission to have vehicle searched upon entry to this event. Any drugs, alcohol, weapons, or bad behavior will not be tolerated

  • Masks Required Masks are required if you leave your parking space to go to the restroom or get out of a vehicle for any reason

  • Oversized Vehicles Largest vehicle allowed will be an 8 seater SUV ~ RVs, limos, or other extra large-sized cars are NOT allowed

  • Drinks or Snacks Attendees are allowed to bring their own drinks and snacks however, no ETOH is allowed

  • Restrooms Restrooms will be available for emergencies. Distancing will be followed strictly and hand washing will be made available

Aside from performers interacting with vehicles, this is a contactless event. All CDC-recommended guidelines will be followed with all crew/staff wearing gloves and face coverings. Guests are required to remain in their vehicles at all times with the exception of using the restroom.

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •

• compel-fratorum • hyper-intentus • desumo-acoustic • artifex voluptus • celebratio professio •