FROM THE VAULT concert series

Each Saturday at 8 p.m. the group will screen a free HD-recorded archived performances on YouTube


April 11 – Disambiguation Night 2, Stanley Hotel, Estes Park CO

Itchy-O’s “From The Vault” FREE archived HD-concert series

Saturdays at 8 P.M. through May 30

Relive last year’s Birth of the Silver River; Disambiguation Ceremony that took place at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining at the mouth of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

During this very special event, itchy-O shared some of its own tradition, legend, and lore. On the first evening of the two-night engagement, attendees gathered around the Hagahrath, the cosmic silver-skinned space stalk that stretched to the heavens, catching the eye of the Gna, a nomadic queen who had been collecting passed souls throughout the universe to germinate the Hagahrath, which in turn,  would blossom into the Milky Way (or Silver River) in which our galaxy resides. On the second night, witness the celebration that unfolds after this ceremony where you’ll see the Gna, the Hagarath, itchy-O and all of the gathered celebrants unite in a bacchanalian festival of alien delights.

*About the series*

To keep spirits aloft during the COVID-19 quarantine, itchy-O has launched their FROM THE VAULT concert series (see schedule below).

Each Saturday at 8 p.m. MDT, the group hosts the premier of HD-recorded performances via the itchy-O YouTube channel and the series webpage to the public for free.

Captured by QSC and Evergroove Studio, the 2019 performances have previously only been available to the collective’s upper-level Patreon supporters.

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From The Vault schedule:

April 11 – Disambiguation Night 2, Stanley Hotel, Estes Park CO

April 18 – Hallowmass Night 1, Summit Music Hall, Denver CO

April 25 – Hallowmass Night 2, Summit Music Hall, Denver CO

May 2 – Brumalia, The Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque NM

May 9 – Brumalia, Caduceus Cellars, Jerome AZ

May 16 – Brumalia, The House of Machines,  Los Angeles CA

May 23 – Brumalia Berkeley, Cornerstone, Berkeley, CA

May 30 – Saturnalia NYE 2020, The Gothic Theatre, Denver CO