itchy-O will break down the doors of 2014 with yet another explosive NYE show hosted by 3 Kings Tavern and Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum. Westword’s Tom Murphy described a recent Itchy-O NYE show as a “kind of Voodoo ceremony during Mardi Gras.” Keeping with that tradition, Itchy-O has planned this third annual New Year’s Eve feast for the senses that will, no doubt, top the previous two. Itchy-O will usher in 2014 with new material, more new custom-made instruments, and the release of an extra special new addition to the itchy-O family. The line-up also includes Men in Burka, lauded as the sultans of intelligent dance music, and DJ Dr. Whom from Cleveland, Ohio who will be providing his unique audio-visual mash-ups throughout the night.

3 Kings Tavern will be hosting their 6th Annual Pot Luck Dinner from 5pm-8pm. Bring enough of your favorite dish to share and your appetite and 3 Kings will give you a 2-for-1 admission and your first drink free. Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum will be on hand all night providing schwag and drink specials.

About Itchy-O:
Denver-based Itchy-O is a 32-piece, percussion-centered, electronic marching band accompanied by a taiko drumming troupe, dancing apparitions and their cantankerous Chinese lion. Jesus Garcia of SF Weekly described Itchy-O as “progeny of Crash Worship and Savage Republic… a sensory overload, full mind/body immersion, coming together in ecstatic ritual… a 21st century drum circle, where cyborg bulls are slaughtered on the altar of Mystery Science Theater 3000.” With a driving drum corp complemented by an arsenal of special surround sound effects units including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, and several other hand-held electronic devices, Itchy-O completely engulfs and immerses an audience from every angle in an electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle.

About Men in Burka:
Kamran Khan, Strange Powers and Mario Zoots are Men In Burka. An experimental electronic act, Men in Burka blends traditional Middle Eastern aesthetics, rhythm-heavy beats and a melange of samples to create a sound that crosses cultural boundaries and redefines dance music. The band got its start just as Khan’s previous project with Mario Zoots and Kristy Fenton, Modern Witch, was becoming less active. Up to that point, Khan, the son of an American woman and a Pakistani man, hadn’t had the chance to fully express his own mixed-culture reality. As his involvement with Modern Witch was winding down, he began writing music that was reflective of his background. He shared it with Zoots and Strange Powers, his longtime musical collaborators and fans of Kahn’s ’90s-era hip-hop crew, Future Reference. The three formed Men in Burka in September 2011.

Since their first release, the group has gone on to share stages with Balkan Beat Box, Chelsea Wolfe, SSION, Pictureplane, Tanlines, oOoOO and many others. In 2012, Men in Burka (MIB) played over 30 shows, including the two biggest Denver music festivals (Underground Music Showcase and the Westword Music Showcase) and several shows at SXSW, and self-released a follow up album titled War / Magic. In 2013, MIB played many shows including the Artopia festival, the Underground Music Showcase, and in support of Strange Famous Records artist B. Dolan, and, again, for Balkan Beat Box.

About Dr. Whom:
Media Collage Pirate “Dr. Whom” is an audio-video mash-up artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Using a combination of sources ranging from Sesame Street to Apocalypse Now and Motorhead to Peggy Lee, Dr. Whom laces together audio-video interval sets that play between featured acts.

Hard tickets available at Mutiny Information Cafe

$30 day of show