Celebrate with itchy-O ON TOUR and the glorious, outta-this-world spectacle that is The Goat Farm (Atlanta, GA) at Halloween. For the third year in a row, The Goat Farm brings a spacey, surreal phenomenon, complete with experimental music, exclusive art installations and… a 12-foot astronaut puppet. You know, the normal stuff.

What to expect:

• Immersive, musical entertainment by the 36-piece junk-punk marching band Itchy-O

• An interactive 12-ft walking astronaut constructed by master puppeteers Ninja Puppet Productions & The Workshop

• Navigator “Time Tornado” Performance Installation

• 13-ft Firebird sculpture by metal sculptor Charlie Smith

• A one night, site-specific installation by Saïah

• “The Distance from the Moon” installation by Justin Rabideau

• Science experiments by MASS Collective

• A spider-like collaboration by Mike “MSIF” Stasny + Justin Rabideau

• A special appearance by Klimchak

• Quadrophonic Soundscape installation by CD Howe

• The Situation presented by Sofia XIV + Protect Awesome

• Smilebooth

• Food trucks and ATM on site

• Two drink tickets for wine, beer, and other spirits (including first-time bottles by Jailhouse Brewing)

• One free frozen pint (while supplies last)