The 50+ cosmogenic-music-performance-collective-from-hell, ITCHY-O, will engulf Denver’s Oriental Theater in their INTERGALACTIC MASQUERADE, with an astro-costumed soiree to be held August 8. Presented by- Ritualcravt, City,O’City, Ratio Beerworks, Twist and Shout Records, and Do303.

These wild festivities have evolved out of a six-year running Sci-Fi Bash and replace the group’s Milk Moon Ball weekend, originally scheduled for May 8 + 9 at the Stanley Hotel. 

The evening is poised as a triumphant emergence after a long run of stymied events related to the nasty bug that threw a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans.

This year’s Intergalactic Masquerade continues itchy-O’s longstanding costume-contest tradition, as attendees are invited to festoon themselves in whatever spectral attire their universes’ may dictate. Carnivale de Sensuale will and DJ Strange Powers are set to provide accompaniment for the fête.

Join us for what surely will be a raucous and ribaldrous otherworldly blowout!

Additionally, itchy-O has rolled out FROM THE VAULT, a free archived concert series to get us through a futile attempt to disconnect us. Each Saturday at 8 p.m. MDT until May 30, the group will screen an HD-recorded showing of a past performance previously only available to top-level Patreon supporters. Fans are encouraged to host watch parties, subscribe to itchy-O’s YouTube channel, and relive the revelry online together in real-time.