Good news | Bad news…
Bad news – We were SO excited to move the Milk Moon Ball to the Oriental Theater and evolve this annual Sci-Fi Bash tradition into something a bit more decadent. However, due to this lame ass virus, the Oriental and itchy-O have decided to remove this show from the calendar this year. Refunds will start to process tomorrow morning if you bought a ticket to this show. At least now you have a whole year to work on your Intergalactic Masquerade costume for 2021!
We are dying to spill the REALLY Good News, but want to make absolutely sure we aren’t putting another event on the books that stands any chance of getting nixed again – but rest assured something absolutely earth-shattering is getting ready to rumble into town. So…. standby to hear about this truly special encounter we are hoping to announce very soon. Like SO special it’ll likely turn into another tradition!