Oh Fort Collins. You lucky beautiful bastard. This is finally happening and we couldn’t be more stoked!

Itchy-O : A throbbing 32-piece band of masked chaos invites you to dissolve the performer/audience divide and melt into the bedlam, that is the disorienting power of itchy-O. The itchy-O Marching Band (IOMB) is a Denver-based percussion-centered electronic marching band. itchy-O brings a sophisticatedly savage sound and the sheer ecstasy of instruments untethered and running free. With a driving drum corps battery, Taiko drummers, an arsenal of electronics including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, and many other special devices, the IOMB completely engulfs and immerses an audience from every angle in a pounding electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle. The masked and hive-minded IOMB is waging war on predictable mediocrity with their blind-siding-style performances which feature an artfully hazardous Chinese lion, a troupe of sensuous dancing provocateurs, fog, strobes, sequins, sweat and fury.

Presently on the world famous Alternative Tentacles label, Itchy-O has played with David Byrne and St. Vincent’s band, performed at Riot Fest with Iggy Pop, Matt & Kim, Naked Raygun, and Public Enemy. They’ve opened for DEVO, Beats Antique, The Melvins, March Fourth, the Extra Action Marching Band, the Warlock Pinchers, headlined and sold-out many other shows. Itchy-O has been featured on Colorado Public Radio, performed for the Biennial of the Americas Kick-off Party, ScoutMob’s Halloween Bash in Atlanta, Westword’s Artopia, conferences such as Adobe’s Effective UI, and toured the US three years in a row.

Stella Luce : Fort Collins darlings! A quirky blend of indie-rock, ethnic strings, and electronic experimentation featuring Fort Collins indie music scene veterans Alana Rolfe (viola, vocals), Brett Schreiber (bass, electronics), Tim Massa (guitar) and Sean Speer (drums). On their third album, Resurrection, Alana’s sultry voice and silky strings remain at the forefront of a decidedly denser and more complex arrangement including the addition of shimmering guitars and sweeping synths played by Brett, and Sean’s jazzy breakbeats layered with electronic elements. Looking forward to their fourth album in 2014, the first to include newest member Tim Massa, Stella Luce is once again pushing boundaries and pulling heart-strings.


1.One that depresses, frustrates, or disappoints
-“Getting stranded at the airport was a real bummer”
2.An adverse reaction to a hallucinatory drug

Super Bummer is a basement surf grunge band comprised of four New Mexicans who’ve found a new home in Denver, Colorado. The music is a combination of early 2000’s indie rock and surf rock, while also taking influence from other genres such as motown, blues, hip hop, folk, punk, and grunge.


“The title of our first EP, “What A Delight,” says everything. When Panther Martin was first formed in October, 1979, we came together because we enjoyed singing Albert’s word. And we were delighted when we found our audiences enjoyed themselves also. As an indie rock quartet, we’ve been together for four years, with Jesse White, our bass player joining us in 1982. We have experienced both peaks and valleys. But all in all it has been a delight. We sincerely hope this band will be one for you, too.” –Panther Martin