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Brumalia (LatinBrumalia[bruːˈmaːlɪ.a], “winter festivals”) was an ancient Romanwinter solstice festival honouring Saturn/Cronus and Ceres/Demeter, and Bacchus in some cases. By the Byzantine era, celebrations commenced on 24 November and lasted for a month, until Saturnalia and the “Waxing of the Light”. The festival included night-time feasting, drinking, and merriment. During this time, prophetic indications were taken as prospects for the remainder of the winter. Despite the 6th century emperor Justinian‘s official repression of paganism,[1][2][3] the holiday was celebrated at least until the 11th century in the Byzantine capital of Constantinople, as recorded by Christopher of Mytilene.[4] No references exist after the 1204 sacking of the capital by the Fourth Crusade.