Throbbing immersive percussion dark electronic insanity!

This 50-piece masked band of chaos invites you to dissolve the performer/audience divide and melt into the bedlam of the disorienting power that is itchy-O.

itchy-O is a Denver-based percussion-centered electronic performance band.

itchy-O brings a sophisticatedly savage sound and the sheer ecstasy of instruments untethered and running free.

With a driving drum corps battery, Taiko drummers, an arsenal of electronics including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, and many other special devices, itchy-O completely engulfs and immerses an audience from every angle in a pounding electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle.

The masked and hive-minded itchy-O is waging war on predictable mediocrity with their blind-siding-style performances which feature an artfully hazardous Chinese lion, a troupe of sensuous dancing provocateurs, fog, strobes, sequins, sweat and fury.

itchy-O have played with David Byrne & St. Vincent’s band as well as performing at Riot Fest with Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, and Public Enemy.

itchy-O have headlined the Denver Center for Performing Art’s Hallowmass, played at Austin’s prestigious film festival, Fantastic Fest, and the Stanley Film Fest. They have opened for Devo, Beats Antique, The Melvins, and San Francisco’s Extra Action Marching Band.

Itchy-O has been featured on Colorado Public Radio, OpenAir, KGNU’s After FM, performed for the Biennial of the Americas, Tucson’s All Souls Festival, ScoutMob’s Halloween Bash in Atlanta, Austin’s Art Outside, Adobe’s Effective UI, and toured the US four years in a row.

itchy-O released its first full length LP on Jello Biafra’s famed record label Alternative Tentacles in 2014.

in 2016, itchy-O had the honor of traveling to Tasmania, Australia to play at the Dark Mofo Festival.

listen to selections from our first full-length record, Burn the Navigator, on Alternative Tentacles.

“This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”

Modern Horrors

“Itchy-O is perhaps one of the most intriguing musical groups in Denver.”


“The stage was awash with drummers, some adorned with giant lit-up sombreros. Others moved through the crowd, masked, wearing speakers on their backs—spooking party goers by emitting screeches of feedback.”


“Denver electronic percussion collective Itchy-O appear from nowhere and stir the room into a cacophonous, demonic riot – then disappear just as suddenly.”

TimeOut Melbourne

“Itchy-O, the masked 32-piece electronic marching band from Denver that pounded its way through the party with the subtlety of a Viking longboat crew on an end-of-season footy trip.”

Broadsheet Sydney

“A blazing, 32-member aural assault from the darkest depths of Colorado, Itchy-O is a wholly immersive, musical experience on a massive scale that is right at home at Fantastic Fest.”

Fantastic Fest

“If you missed the earth-shattering, life-changing musical stylings of Itchy-O last year, this is your chance to rectify that. Itchy-O is now officially Fantastic Fest family.”

Fantastic Fest

Time, Space and Sound

The itchy-O experience is best appreciated in low light conditions. Thus, we adhere to a policy of never playing under bright light, including daylight. Inclement weather is also a consideration for us. Raining on this electronic parade is particularly hazardous.

The itchy-O’s preference is to play in the audience with the crowd. However, the itchy-O has used a variety of stage plots.

The itchy-O prides itself on professionalism and is a mean-machine when it comes to loading in/out and sound check. We also take great pride in our gear which includes a 14 unit Shure XLS Pro wireless system, and beautifully hand crafted Taiko drums. Your sound man will be impressed, we promise.